When I signed up to the Santa Fun Run for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care several weeks ago, I am a little ashamed to admit that my motivations were almost entirely self-focussed. I needed encouragement to get my trainers on, burn a few calories and get some fresh air on a Sunday morning…oh and to do my bit for charity at the same time.

I really hadn’t given too much thought to the 250 people who benefit from this amazing charity each day or considered how precious fundraising is when you need £20,000 every single day to keep the charity going.

But all that changed yesterday when I had the chance to meet some of the people who work at the hospice in Farnham and find out more about the bright, warm and happy environment that is provided for adults in the community who are approaching the end of their lives. And it’s not just the patients who benefit – there are some fantastic spaces and facilities for family and friends who also need support during challenging times.

Of course, there are tears – I had a few myself when I read and saw some of the photos, messages and paintings that adorn the walls of the hospice – but there are also plenty of laughs and light-hearted moments that keep everyone’s spirits up. My visit certainly reinforced to me how invaluable the hospice is in the fabric of our community, not only at the facility in Farnham, but at the Beacon Centre in Guildford and in patients’ own homes.

theblueballroom has been proudly supporting Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care this year as its designated Charity of the Year. This has given us a fantastic reason to bake cakes, wear silly clothes and have a jolly good spring clean to find items to sell in the 20 shops around the area. And on Sunday I will be hauling myself around the Devil’s Punch Bowl, dressed like the Big Man himself (Santa NOT Trump) remembering exactly why it’s important to support such a great cause. Maybe I’ll see you there?