Do you do that thing when on a train of peeping at your neighbour's laptop screen to see what job they do?

Last week, when I was on a train, it occurred to me that anyone looking at my screen would have been quite curious as to what job I did. I moved from a customer brochure for one client, to an internal townhall PowerPoint deck to roll out another client's new strategy, to a multi-channel campaign to breathe life into yet another client's compliance communications. And a bit of work on a new internal timesheet system, for good measure.

I mused that one of the benefits of working for an agency is getting to experience this breadth of projects on a daily basis, and transferring your skills from one project to another.

I am lucky to work for a company whose offering allows us all to dip into copywriting, PR, internal communications, digital communications and employee and brand engagement.

Never a dull moment! And if you want to meet some of us and learn more about bringing your communications to life through storytelling, join our next workshop on 15th June here.