Yesterday I went to a course run by the IoIC called ‘unleash your creativity!’ Creative as I believe I am, I wanted to have a little help on brainstorming. Specifically, getting the most out of the time we put aside to brainstorm at work.

The day was full of interesting discussions, fun exercises and engaging quotes, stats and facts but I thought I’d write about the top tips I took away around ideating, as some people call it:

  • Narrow it down first: whether that’s via a brief, a short discussion or just one person’s responsibility – get to the bottom of the problem you want to find a solution to and have it ready to share in one clear statement.
  • Use the first three minutes to write down every idea you can possibly think of, cheap or expensive, fantasy or fiction. However mad the idea, note it down – start wide and worry about applying the logic later.
  • Use BLACK (don’ts) & WHITE (do’s) for brainstorming, copyright: Dave Oliver, our trainer yesterday!
  • Choose a facilitator – someone to keep an eye on the time, navigate the session and assign tasks to take away afterwards.
  •  Keep it short – 30 mins max.

I will certainly be applying all of this to our next session at theblueballroom, but the one thing that's getting to me, especially from a creative point of view, is the word brainstorm. Surely there’s a better one out there, one that exudes energy and creativity? I’ve decided I’m going to begin a brainstorm-name-hunt. From my company’s perspective, it’s definitely time to change the name up a bit and breathe some life into our sessions, not least because it’s something we need to be able to do frequently in our agency environment. So I’ve put it out there within my team, but I’m opening up the brainstorm-name-hunt to the world. What do you call brainstorming? What do you think it should be called? What ideas do you have about a shiny new name? Hit me with some suggestions!!