It is no secret that good communication = good leadership. However in an office environment you can quickly fall into the vicious cycle of long email trails back and forth….generally to a colleague who is a few steps away from you. In my experience I find good communication can improve productivity and happiness in your role. So here are my top five tips to obtain just that:

  1. Always initiate a face to face meeting over sending an email. Email works best when communicating the finer details and to share documents. However a face to face conversation will communicate the task clearly and with positivity that can be difficult to articulate in an email.
  2. Be a good listener – act and respond accordingly and take body language into account to ensure you are reading the situation correctly and can spot any potential misunderstandings or problems.
  3. Have a good understanding of your colleague’s workload. This will ensure delegation is effective and deadlines are realistic.  
  4. Make the complex simple. If you can’t distil the task in a few words – you probably do not understand it yourself.
  5. Find your voice – communicate in a way you feel most comfortable. Be relaxed and cheery in your tone whilst maintaining a professional manner.

If you have any top tips for communication please comment below.

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