Ever wondered how theblueballroom got its name? Well you don’t need to wonder anymore! Thank you to all who shared their #tbbrstory ideas with us this week, it’s been great fun hearing your creative guesses! We’ve picked out a few that made us laugh:

Here's our #tbbrstory

Over a decade ago, in beautiful Surrey, there lived a... Ok, enough of that. You want to know about our name, don’t you?

The first thing we’d like to say is that theblueballroom came long before the Strictly Come Dancing craze. The ball room in our name was actually chosen because of the freedom children have in a ball pit. We bet you didn’t guess that! But there’s a little bit more to it…

In 2001, our founder Sheila Parry had the idea of an internal communications agency with creativity at its core.

Our purpose at the time was to bridge the gap between strategy and creativity. There weren’t many companies who could do both well. There were HR strategists and there were creative agencies, and we wanted to bring the best of those worlds together.

Why theblueballroom? Well, we needed a name that stood out. One that people wouldn’t forget. One that made you think. The name was a stake in the ground of what we would stand for. Internal communications that was different.

Ever since, the brand has been brought to life by our people and our work. And so the story continues.