We recently sponsored the CIPR Inside conference (#makinganimpact15) which we found to be an insightful day full of great speakers, content, and conversation whilst tucking into delicious food. I particularly enjoyed Rachel Miller’s presentation on creating engaging content to make an impact – this is also what inspired the title of this blog! Rachel is the Founder of AllthingsIC and if you haven't already, I would highly recommend you check out her blog and comms calendar to keep in the loop with the latest internal comms news and events.

As communicators we understand that we translate stories in our own way. I agree with Rachel when she explained that emotional content is more engaging content. And if we as internal communicators can understand what thrills and scares our colleagues then we will be on to a winning piece of content.

This is why at theblueballroom we believe that if you harness the power of storytelling in your communications you will be able to reach the hearts and minds of your colleagues and ultimately engage, inform and change behaviours.

And it's another reason why we run a workshop about storytelling! Our half day workshop looks at the real-life challenges that you face every day, and helps you solve them in style. Our tried and tested approach quickly helps you identify a storyline that will resonate strongly with your target audience. 

We'll help you make your storytelling clearer and more compelling by:

  • understanding your audience
  • finding the story and telling it
  • identifying and delivering the right style and tone
  • choosing images that grab attention
  • writing headlines that make people read on

Rachel also shared her three golden rules on content at the CIPR Inside conference:


Real people and real stories – stay away from stock photography!


Be a single resource of truth. Think about curations as well as creation.


Whatever is right for your organisation. Be original and translate based on your culture.

Rachel summarised her presentation leaving us with the following thought:

We need to make content for them, with them and not to them.

It is clear that the way we communicate has changed and it is crucial we engage our audience through effective storytelling that also involves them in the creation of it. If you are interested in refreshing your storytelling skills, our next workshop will be on Friday 27th November from 1pm – 5pm at our Farnham office. Learn more.