Now here’s an interesting idea – microchipping your workforce.


According to the New York Times, a US company has asked for volunteers to have RFID chips injected between thumb and forefinger.

With a wave of the hand, a microchipped employee can open security doors, pay for food in the canteen etc. Like pet microchips, these chips are too small to have GPS capability – so the company couldn’t check up on the chip chap’s whereabouts.

Less hassle than carrying a passcard, less problematic than a fingerprint. Mmmm.

A quick straw poll of my colleagues at theblueballroom elicited a resounding ‘Nooooo’ to the idea. But I wonder whether future generations will prove so resistant, especially if there’s a more attractive incentive.

Of course, more advanced microchips in the future could open up all sorts of possibilities from an internal communications and employee engagement perspective.

For all those clients wanting to get ahead of the curve, this could be the next big thing after bespoke bots. But not yet…