takethekit - the Anaphylaxis Campaign

For the past couple of weeks we have supported the Anaphylaxis Campaign in working towards the launch of their latest campaign called #takethekit. And today was the day! We've all been immensely proud to have worked with the charity, feeling in our own way, like we're helping to do good. But it's felt a little more than that for me! Being married to a man with what I'd say is a severe (but not life-threatening) nut allergy, this campaign has struck a chord with me. 

The Anaphylaxis Campaign has also launched a brilliantly executed video today. It's shot from above in an almost PlayStation-game style that makes you feel like you're in it. In this way, you grasp every detail, yet you can do nothing to help at the end (watch, and you'll understand...). It's a grave reminder that an adrenaline auto-injector is so important. It's not only so important, it's life-saving. 

In a recent Youth Survey  conducted by the Anaphylaxis Campaign, of the 520+ young people aged between 15 and 25 that were interviewed, 44% admitted that they don't always carry their adrenaline auto-injectors with them. That's too many! I know that my husband rarely takes his EpiPen out with him, feeling after 32 years on this planet with an allergy, he's learnt what to avoid completely, and what will be 'safe'. But having a nut allergy means you're never safe, not really. You just never know.

What I do know, though, is that having watched this video, I'm going to make a concerted effort to urge people (I know who I'm starting with) to carry their injectors with them wherever they go. Without fail. 

So, watch the video, share the video - and help alert people with severe allergies to the importance of carrying their adrenaline auto-injectors. You never know, you might help save someone's life.