No matter how quickly the world is changing, one thing remains the same - well crafted stories reach hearts and minds, and they jolly well stay there!

One thing I've learnt over the years is that every single person has a story to tell. And so does every company. It's just that sometimes it's not obvious where to start, or what words to use, or even how to wrap it up when you don't even know the ending yourself.

Storytelling in business isn't really about telling a story with a beginning, middle and happily ever after. It's just about finding the right angle, thinking about the audience/s, and then putting yourself in their shoes and communicating on their level. Speak to people as people when you choose your words and your stories will drive engagement. 

Our half day storytelling workshop on February 24th invites you to bring a work challenge along to our offices so that we can work them out together: we'll help you find the story and get you inspired to write it. And along the way we'll also talk about catchy images, headlines that grab attention and more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read more here or register for your ticket below.