We do a lot of work at theblueballroom behind the scenes.

Working with our clients’ HR or Communications teams, we get to know people and find stories from the darkest, deepest parts of their organisation. We create platforms, events, campaigns to showcase those stories. And we coach executives and team leaders and project managers to be better communicators and storytellers themselves. 


This year I find myself taking centre stage for a change. Going out in front of an audience, sticking my neck out.

On Monday at 11am, I’m presenting at the IABC’s EuroComm Conference in London, speaking about ‘Transformation’ and how I changed my mindset from being a manager of messages to someone who made an impact on business and people. And how, by creating the PRIDE model, I’m pursuing my goal to make work better for everyone.

So this week, instead of writing other people’s speeches, I’ve been writing my own. And preparing for Monday, I realise just how hard it is to stand up in front of a room full of people and speak.

Don’t just wish me luck, why not come and feel my pain by signing up for a last-minute ticket with discount code EC17-FOS.

If you can’t attend EuroComms 17 in London, have a look at the agenda for WorldComms in Washington in June. I’ll be there with Kate Shanks, theblueballroom’s MD, delivering a three-hour workshop on the how to build PRIDE at work, and how to enable people to take pride in their roles.