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I recently attended an interesting event hosted by Rawnet called “Write the future”. First in its series of events speaker Nick Bennett, Director of Strategic Planning at Rawnet, gave his insights into real-time marketing and how to leverage it. Here are a few highlights from the event.

We are living in a real-time world and very few of us marketers are taking advantage of it. Did you know that according to an Econsultancy report: 

Adults spend on average 37 minutes per day on social media.

Our target audience is ready and waiting for our relevant and engaging content to reach them – so what are we waiting for? In today’s age we have the luxury of being able to use social media to share relevant content before the news gets to it. As long as we remain tasteful with our topic choices and timing we will be on to a winner.

I am sure you have heard of the Oreo Super Bowl campaign – you can still dunk in the dark? This is by far the birth of real-time marketing and businesses suddenly took interest in this technique after seeing the success rate that Oreo had accomplished. The truth is Oreo have been great at real-time marketing for a long time and are well organised in their “spontaneous” style of content. Once you utilise your data and have a clear route to produce creative in an efficient way, real-time marketing can begin to bring you your desired results.

Top tips

  • Be authentic
  • Pay attention
  • Be brave
  • Be funny
  • Experiment
  • Appear to be spontaneous
  • Track and measure

Top tools to aid your real-time marketing efforts

What is the future of real-time marketing?

  • The audience will become more real-time focused
  • Real-time will become the new norm not the exception
  • Real-time segmentation will be normal
  • A risk of saturation is very possible
  • Understand your barriers when trying to release content quickly and resolve them
  • Data and creative must work together to achieve success

If you have any additional tips to share or have come across a great example of real-time marketing please comment below.