In the run up to Christmas, we at theblueballroom are experiencing a wonderfully busy time. Long days of creative thought can be taxing on the energy reserves though, and eating your weight in mince pies and chocolate isn't the best way to get through it. So, I’ve taken to having cold showers every morning to help me toughen up, harden my resolve and refresh my mind. I’ve committed to a cold shower every morning for the months of November and December. “Why on earth would you do that” I hear you cry? Well, here's a list of benefits – both psychological and physical that cold showers reap. Now, repeat after me:

  • Cold showers boost your immune system
  • Cold showers improve your blood circulation – which is a good thing
  • Cold showers stimulate noradrenaline and endorphins in your brain which make you feel happy
  • Cold showers are proven to help your body regulate your internal temperature
  • Cold showers increase your metabolic rate
  • Cold showers force you to breathe deeply, increasing blood oxygenation (for a short while)
  • Cold showers are uncomfortable

…Hang on, that last one doesn’t sound like a benefit. Well no, it doesn’t on the face of it, but being exposed to discomfort is a good thing in the sense that it helps toughen you up, preparing you for other challenges in life. It’s all about building mental as well as physical toughness. The first two showers were the hardest. I was shivering like a baby, my body in spasm, nearly hyperventilating, but upon leaving the shower cubicle I was beaming. A wide smile spread across my face (that’ll be the noradrenaline and endorphins then) and I felt a real sense of elation and achievement.

I’m now on my 35th cold morning shower day and can honestly say that I now find them pleasurable (sort of). Before I go to bed, I’m thinking about the cold water and I’m actually looking forward to them. They seem to be addictive. Unlike many other addictive things though, they don’t seem to have any negative side effects.

If I can subject myself to a freezing cold shower every morning the rest of December should be a breeze!