What an amazing campaign #MissingType is.

To highlight the lack of donated blood in the UK, major sites and brands are dropping the As, Bs and Os from their logos. Have a look at these odd-looking logos and street signs, as well as ours, to support #NationalBloodWeek this week.

What makes a successful viral campaign? This article from Forbes claims that, among others, the message needs to have social currency (i.e. adopting it makes people look and feel good), inspire emotion, and have practical value.

The practical value this campaign aims to tap into is very simple: to get people to donate blood. Some of the statistics are incredible:

  • Only 4% of adults give blood
  • Donors are in decline: there are 40% few blood donors in 2014/15 than there were ten years ago
  • One blood donation can help as many as three people

However any campaign, viral or otherwise, is only successful if it meets its objectives. I for one undertake to give blood. I have done it a few times in the past, but for some reason it has slipped off my radar. So I now resolve publicly to do it again soon: I have looked up my local donation sessions and I will go tomorrow if my husband is home from work in time, or I will go to the next one, which is in two weeks' time*. It takes about 15 minutes, doesn't hurt much, the nurses are always lovely and you get a free cup of tea and a biscuit.

Let's all resolve to do it.

*Post script: I can report that I kept to my word and went on 23rd June. My children were with me and came home with stickers saying "my mummy gave blood today"!