How to stem the tide of top talent leaving your organisation by changing the perception of age at work

It may be just me, but I think it’s suddenly become cool to be old.  At the age of 91, Barbara Knickerbocker-Beskind hit the headlines last week as the designer who has put wing mirrors on walking frames and invented hearing aid batteries that arthritic users can actually handle. At 71, Keith Richards in a rare radio interview spoke about the incomparable exchange of energy between audience and band when he performs on stage with the Rolling Stones, claiming he couldn’t conceive of not playing, not recording, even after a 50-year career as a performing artist. And now, mega-influencer of food and lifestyle, Jamie Oliver is celebrating some of the world’s longest living people in his latest food programme to launch Every Day Super Foods.

Age is definitely having a makeover, in the media, and also in the workplace. And after a few years where Gen Y and Gen Z issues have dominated our agendas, more leading UK firms are turning their attention to opportunities for older employees within their organisations. Last month, in a strategic move to match customer dynamics with a more age-diverse workforce, Barclays Bank launched a new “Bolder Apprentices” scheme for older employees; in the first cohort, more than 50% are over 40 with several in their 50s.

At thefuturestory on 8th October, we can’t promise you Keith Richards, but we can promise you a closer look at why Barclays Bank and other leading UK firms are paying more attention to the older generation. Jonathan Collie from The Age of No Retirement and Rachael Saunders from Business in the Community’s Age at Work will be discussing how to turn the challenges of skills shortages and generational imbalance into opportunity, and addressing negative connotations around the ageing population. We will also hear from yachtswoman and polar explorer, Paula Reid, on how to create your own opportunities for personal challenge and make that longer life more fulfilling as well.

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