Hi, I’m Iona and I’m a first-year Student studying creative advertising at Gloucestershire University. I have loved my journey so far and all the freedom that has come with it. During my first year I have completed lots of interesting briefs which have varied from creating posters, billboards and tv ads to social media and direct mail campaigns. These tasks have not only tested my creativity but allowed me to learn and grow as a creative.

 When I’m not at uni, I live in Farnham where I enjoy socialising with friends, cooking and using my camera at any opportunity. I love being behind the camera and seeing a different perspective, even if it angry expressions as I angle my camera at people's faces.

 A recent prime photo opportunity was during my trip to Hamburg and Berlin, where I spent three days in each city. I had an amazing time exploring, taking in the history and culture as well as eating a lot of vegan food (I was very impressed with how many restaurants where available and how amazing the food was). I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the many beer gardens that Germany had to offer, where you could sit and take it all in. It was a wonderful, eye opening trip in which I came back full of knowledge and good food.

 I have another very exciting trip to South America planned for month at the end of the summer, where I will be visiting my brother in Peru. This will be a completely new experience, as I emerge myself into a different culture and find time for amazing photo opportunities. Having four months off for summer, means it very appealing to sit around relaxing, ignoring all the work I could be doing until I go away, however I decided I wanted to utilise the rest of my time and gain some experience.

 So, this is how I found myself at theblueballroom for a week's work experience. I am enjoying my time thoroughly and am thankful for everyone for being so welcoming into their little family. Already I have undertaken new and exciting roles which have opened up a new side to the industry I hadn’t thought about yet. It’s been great being able sit in on meetings and learning hands on how the business works. I am very enthusiastic to see where the week will take as I continue to learn new skills.