New research has prompted calls for humans to communicate better with dolphins, but how long before all CEOs feels the same way about their workforce?


Evidence that dolphins are capable of “highly developed spoken language” should incentivise us to develop relationships with them, says the lead researcher.

Like dolphins, it has long been acknowledged that employees are of high intelligence and can communicate within a larger pack. However, judging from the prevalence of top-down internal comms, many CEOs still find employee feedback as unintelligible as dolphin pulses, clicks and whistles.

So it was a real pleasure yesterday to pitch to a company planning to create and implement a new collaborative platform. The company in question not only wants to listen to employees but also wants them to set the comms agenda.

Engagement and advocacy is all about involving every employee in the company, ensuring their individual and collective voice is not just heard but also acted on.

Back in 2009, the MacLeod Report provided employers with compelling evidence of the need to engage with their employees. Many have listened and acted, but there are still companies that indiscriminately ‘harpoon’ employee-led communication…


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