Line managers are the frontline of internal communications – discuss.

More and more companies are recognising the inextricable link between happy employees and happy customers.

However, many companies focus their attention on internal communications as a function while ignoring the importance of line managers in the comms mix.

Great intranets, sparkling employee magazines and wonderfully clever campaigns can all flounder on the rock that is a line manager who communicates badly.

And it’s not necessarily the manager’s fault.

All too often, internal comms bypass managers who learn about developments at the same time as their team members.

And when managers feel no ownership of or responsibility for a message, at best they step to one side, at worst they can confuse or undermine the message.

At theblueballroom, we look at all aspects of the communications matrix inside (and outside) a company. Of course, we deliver great intranets, sparkling employee magazines and wonderfully clever campaigns; but we can also go deeper to train and develop your line managers to be comms champs not chumps.