I'm loving our current project which is to produce a guide for 134 countries for our client DHL. They are in many different languages, with some countries having more than one. I love it because it's super busy and requires us to be very organised and attentive to detail.

I also love it because we are privileged to work directly and extensively with so many great people all around the world. This gives us a window into the workings of that country, such as who is off for the Water Festival in October (answer = Cambodia) and which countries' weekends are typically on Fridays and Saturdays (answer = Middle East).

We have world maps pinned up over our desk and we track the progress of our project along with our progress around the world.

With 62 countries on board last year and 134 countries this year, we are happy to have an increased project team (who hail from Ireland, Latvia and Nigeria - appropriately for this project!). It's a busy project for us in this busy pre-Christmas period but it's certainly enjoyable.