Organisations regularly review (or aim to review) their vision, mission, values, strategy and goals. But when do we ever do this in our own lives?

Paula Reid, at the most recent event in thefuturestory series, gave an inspirational talk on what has happened to her life from the moment she freed herself from a hugely pressurised job, by taking stock of what she wanted to do with her life. Paula is a huge advocate of sitting down somewhere quiet with a nice notebook (and who doesn’t like a nice bit of stationery?!) and really thinking about your overall vision (end-game) and mission (what footprint you will leave behind) and your values. Paula’s watchwords are “passion and purpose”, which really speaks to theblueballroom’s hearts and minds approach to communications. Paula distilled her goals into a wonderful bucket list, many of which she has already ticked off, from skiing to the South Pole to wearing a sari in India.

Paula’s talk followed presentations on the change in our society’s demographics: we are all living longer and, crucially, all have what another thefuturestory speaker, Jonathan Collie, terms an ‘extra ten’ – ten more years in which we are well and fit. This poses a challenge: finding and remaining in employment over the age of 50 can still be difficult, despite the fact that we may be very skilled and very willing. One way to tackle this is to have a ‘portfolio career’, involving many different jobs throughout your life, and even more than one job concurrently. Broadening the experiences you have in your personal life, as outlined by Paula, can be help you achieve this.

We’ve all heard of burn out, but what about rust out? This is that in-the-doldrums state when you have no pressures on you and yet your performance and well-being are low, as described by psychologists Yerkes and Dodson. We can’t all ski to the South Pole, as we don’t have enough time, money, experience etc. but as TED speaker Tony Robbins points out, where successful people may lack resources, what they do have is resourcefulness: creativity, determination, passion and resolve.

I found the whole day very thought provoking, as it touched on every single one of our lives, and the lives of those around us. And I have already started thinking of a bucket list! 

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