Being a creative agency we're always on the look out for creative stuff, so when David posted this video on our Yammer group last week, there was no doubt it wouldn't be creative - but this video was better, it was really brilliant. 

The Martin Agency, who produced these adverts for Geico, have rather smartly focused on the those all important first five seconds of an advert, the time you usually sit counting down on a preroll advert until you can SKIP! Except for this advert freezes, and then of course you just have to know what you watch on. Et voila, you've managed to take a minute of my precious time. Well actually, about seven minutes because I watched that again at least once, then watched the other adverts too. How much of your time have they stolen?!

Unlike most other adverts where the product is front and centre, these adverts are subtle in their approach. They've started the advert at the very end, frozen it where you would usually click 'skip' and forced us to continue watching out of pure suspense! Then they've made us laugh - so we'll remember the advert, and connect it in our minds to the brand - it's simple and effective. 

They're smart, short and right on point. Well done, Geico - your adverts really are unskippable! What I want to know is how those actors (especially the children) didn't burst in to uncontrollable laughter while the dog licked, trampled and ate its way across the dining table!