theblueballroom thrives on the energy of a small group of brilliant people. Our people are theblueballroom. Without them, we are just an idea, with a quirky name and an empty office in Farnham, Surrey.

So this year we’re embracing wellbeing and measures we can take to sustain the positive physical energy we so much enjoy. We’ve been drinking lots of water, promoting healthy breakfasts, having walking meetings and we’ve even swapped chocolate for carrot in our cakes! Physical fitness is good for all of us and we recognise it’s also good for the business.

But there are wider issues here. Employee benefits? Energy at work? Employee engagement? Absolutely. theblueballroom was born on the idea of making work a better place for everyone. Now all grown-up, we are still breaking the mould and rewriting the rules of engagement for businesses facing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. So we must get it right at home.

According to our team, most of the time, we do that. But there are some things we don’t manage. We don’t have air-conditioning, an in-house canteen or on-site spa. Nobody delivers our weekend food shop to the door (although the lovely Shaneen provides us with fresh farm eggs). We often have to work harder and put in longer hours than our clients and friends.

It gets worse. Being global, we travel a lot, sometimes at the crack of dawn, at the dead of night or at weekends. We certainly don’t make as much money as our big corporate clients, and when we do well we tend to celebrate with a pint. I can see why agency life isn’t for everybody.

But, to us, the real employee benefits of working at theblueballroom include the intangibles. We’re really good at what we do, we respect each other, and we have very cool clients.

We give colleagues the space to listen, think, write, design, create, deliver. And we offer a warm welcome and the freedom to try new things – all with the optional benefit of carrot cake.

Perhaps you’d like to join us? We are recruiting to our office in Farnham, Surrey. You’ll need to be an exceptional person and work really hard, but in return we’ll give you every opportunity to really love what you do.

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