I’ve just submitted a proposal to a client today which required a creative approach to an internal conference and lots of inspiring ideas for creating a purposeful event. It’s always a (fun) challenge to pull something together to meet a brief and then see how your ideas shape up and move in directions you’d never first thought of. Working with a team around me, that’s what happened and a little nugget of a thought exploded into some really creative ideas.

You know, when everything just falls into place, when you've got a brilliant idea that you know the client or audience will go for; a uniquely creative idea that sets you apart from the universal drabery that pervades our over stimulated senses all day, every day. It was really quite motivating to work on it and let the ideas grow. We all saw the potential and went away to develop our creativity in our different areas of expertise.

So many people I know say they haven't got a creative bone in their body. That simply isn't true, we can all come up with a good idea, once in a while.

I believe that it’s possible for anyone to conceive of an idea, a design or a situation and assess whether it works, I mean really works. One that fulfils all of the demands of your client and ticks a box in a particular way; is it memorable, engaging, affordable or funny? The objectives themselves are just a varied as the creative approach you could take. So how do we know when something or someone is creative? I believe that you simply can't. Creativity is an elusive, magical, hit or miss kinda thing. One day you have it and on another you can't think of a thing. Until you’re inspired.

Many many years ago, when I was travelling around the country, in fact the world, with conference and video crews, waiting was just a part of job, in airports, on long car journeys stuck in the back of cars with a bunch of guys. Occasionally I would go into a sort of hyper mode, I would take a part of the car, let's say a head rest, and challenge them- what other purpose the headrest had other than its actual purpose. What would follow would be 10 minutes of the most fantastic creativity imaginable. This cramped car full of people, varied in intellect, education, outlook, race and sex would pass the headrest around and just come up with the funniest, cleverest ideas imaginable. It was such a silly game, but at the same time it threw out so many ideas that headrests - and car journeys were never the same again.

The point I'm making here is that anyone can harness their creativity. Maybe it'll be the only idea you come up with in your life, maybe you'll end up doing it for a living, but it's Important to know that anyone, in a given set of circumstances and the right environment can come up with an idea that's just so out there, that they surprise themselves.

Our journey for this proposal opened new ideas, designs and great creativity which we packed into a beautiful proposal and which I sent to our client with the warm feeling about it – and now we’ll just have to wait to see if our creativity did the trick.

If you’d like some creativity, some engaging insights to make your internal communications, conference, video or website sparkle, well, I know for sure we have some magic up our sleeves (not to mention a knowledgeable and creative team of magicians working here!). Get in touch!