We were delighted to host a breakfast round-table discussion with Transform magazine on Friday 28th April in Hong Kong. It was an animated discussion with communication and brand professionals who shared their experience in creating a strong employer brand. 


The discussion started off with the question, why is the employer brand so important? Our MD Kate Shanks made an interesting comment about how valuable it is to find out what people are feeling in the business. Undertaking an employee brand exercise can draw out powerful insights into how employees feel and help shape your brand story. In addition, Kate highlighted the importance of having your employees say great things about you, especially now with social media at its best, it is easy for new recruits to learn what your brand is really like. The integrity of your employer brand is so important when retaining employees and achieving high engagement scores.

Content also discussed and shared included:

  • Four top communication challenges in Asia
  • Developing an effective employee value proposition
  • Ideas and top tips for making an impact 

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