We’re excited to officially launch into Asia in 5 days! We kick off with two events next week for internal communications professionals in Hong Kong. We have a jam-packed schedule of events, meetings, media interviews and, of course, amazing food.

We're delighted to be working closely with Prospect Resourcing and Transform magazine to run two interactive round-table discussions.

Event One:

Internal communications: the new strategic imperative

We'll explore the changing landscape of internal communications in Asia while sharing the latest research and insights from the 'state of the industry' report produced by Prospect Resourcing, which is the global talent resource consultancy within the PR and communications industry.

Event Two:

How internal communicators can add value to the employer brand?

In partnership with Transform magazine, the only global magazine for rebranding and brand development, we'll take a deep dive into the topic of employer brand. Among a range of areas covered by the event will be how internal communicators can ensure employees are proud of their brand, breaking down silos, and the specific challenges facing communicators in Hong Kong.

Conference Sponsorship

How to take China’s communications industry to the next level

In addition, we're proud to be sponsoring the IABC conference on Thursday 27 April. At this event, business and communications leaders with extensive China knowledge will provide an overview of the industry's status from a variety of perspectives. They'll actively address barriers, as well as identifying best practices and practical next steps to advance business communications in China. We're keen to learn from the expert speakers while sharing our knowledge of the market through recent case studies.

Check back on our blog site in a couple of weeks to hear how it all went! In the meantime, follow @theblueballroom on Twitter for live updates from Wednesday 26 April.