Veganism has grown by 350 per cent in the last 10 years, so we decided to ask Robyn Morgan a friend of theblueballroom, to give us an insight into this animal-free diet.

Scurrying around the 'free from' aisle desperately checking ingredients and falling to my knees, hands lifted to the heavens, when I realise there's NOTHING I can eat and I'll have to go hungry for yet another week. ‘Poor, protein-deficient me’ I think, as I nibble the grass I'm storing in my pocket.

So what is food-shopping really like for vegans? Awesome!

Mythbuster No1: I don't just shop in the free-from aisle. I avoid only two aisles – the butcher aisle and cheese/milk aisle. The rest is a world of accidentally vegan delights. Bold print on the packaging tells you if anything is processed or has milk and eggs in it, so checking things you’re unsure about can be done quicker than a meat-eater can ask the following: ‘It must be so expensive?’; ‘You must have to be so creative?’; and ‘Don't you have to plan ahead?’ 

Well, to answer the above:

• My weekly food costs less than £40 without any scrimping – that's 6-7 meals and lunches.

• I can indeed be creative and I can also be lazy too, but with more than 22,000 products and services registered with the Vegan Trademark, living a vegan lifestyle has never been easier.

• I do plan my weekly meals before I shop but I always have done because it's more efficient and cost effective. Also, it gets me excited about the pleasures ahead!

Here’s a six-day menu sample:

• Monday – lemon ‘cream’ gnocchi with peas
• Tuesday – mushroom rigatoni with spinach pesto
• Wednesday – flash-fried cauliflower with lemony chickpea, vine tomato and red onion salad
• Thursday – paprika black bean burritos with all the trimmings
• Friday – virgin-margherita-flavoured chickpeas with griddled sweet potatoes and a mint      'yoghurt' dressing
• Saturday – puy lentil ragu

Poor little vegan me. How hungry I must be.

For inspiration, check out my Pinterest and Instagram (robynelizabethskitchen) to help you get planning! 

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