One of the challenges of the web and reaching people on it is how to boost your SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, but nowadays it may as well be GO (Google Optimisation). The Californian giant has become one of the world's most wealthy and arguably most influential companies. Holding as it does a virtual monopoly on the way we search and interact with that little thing called the internet. Learning how to exploit and keep up to date with Google's ever-shifting codes of practice is a science in itself. They've recently been in the news on a PR mission to collaborate more closely with eight international news publishers and help bridge the gap between how Google promotes and utilises the information that journalists, newscasters, editors and bloggers create. In short, nearly everything comes through Google at some point in its digital journey to the user, and it's not always been clear on how Google promotes and demotes that information. 

One new development Google have publicised recently is how they will be promoting mobile-friendly websites much more actively. The mobile web is well established now, but if you've not caught up yet, it's time you did. Or face the consequences of a poor search return on your beloved web content. 

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The good news for theblueballroom is that we pass with flying colours!