It's funny how the little things in life really cheer you up. On a day like today, when it hasn't stopped raining and I've seen no sign of the sun, a good team lunch and a chat really made my Friday. Does this mean I'm engaged? Nope...

A happy employee isn't an engaged employee, I hear you say. Ok, maybe not, I'm feeling more than that though. I am satisfied (that makes me happy) and I am motivated (because I feel valued) and I feel a connection with my company (THAT'S what makes me engaged). 

What does it mean to feel a connection with my company? To me it means I feel I understand what the business needs to be successful and I think I know what I need to do to help them get there. YES. If only it were as easy as getting a Domino's in and sitting together at lunch, hey? It's only taken me four years. 

Whatever will I come up with in another four?... 

Happy Friday, everyone.

Happy Friday!