Some people never learn. Eight months on from the Democrats’ limp strategy for the US Presidency, the Conservatives contrived to squander a massive lead in the opinion polls during the course of their UK general election campaign.

Like Hillary Clinton, Theresa May was guilty of asking people to vote for the status quo. Like the Democrats, the Conservatives served up the most feeble of campaign slogans – ‘strong and stable’ being even duller than Clinton’s ‘stronger together’ message (unless you’re selling ready-mixed concrete).

While nowhere near as powerful as the Republicans’ ‘Make America great again’ slogan, Labour’s ‘For the many not the few’ was a battle cry. About as unlike Donald Trump as it is possible for a politician to be, Jeremy Corbyn does have one striking similarity – he offered voters a radical challenge to the status quo.

Too few people, whether in public or corporate life, understand how to engage the unengaged. There’s a lazy and crass presumption that everyone’s happy to march along to the same old tune.

At theblueballroom we challenge our clients to think differently. That’s why we won’t be proposing any internal comms campaigns under a banner sporting the words ‘strong’ or ‘stable’ any time this century.