We have just had new business cards printed, in line with our recent rebranding.

While looking at my new card and three previous ones I’ve had at theblueballroom, I had a bit of a reminisce about everything that goes on over the course of your life while with a company. In my case, while with theblueballroom, I got married, moved 200 miles from Farnham to Manchester, set up a new life here, and had a son and daughter. So, quite a lot.

theblueballroom has also gone through a lot of evolution along with changes in our industry: from fulfilling a need for copywriting and design to support internal communications, we have added much more strategic work on joined up internal and external communications around engaging employees by changing people's mindsets and connected workplace culture.

It will be interesting to see how the future of our industry evolves, in the light of predictions such as these for the world of work. I hope that theblueballroom as a company and as individuals will be able to build on our solid base of experience in communications, and be agile enough to adapt to new technologies and new economies.

I predict our passion for cake will remain unshaken, even if it’s 3D printed.