This week we held another of our much loved DigitalSurrey sessions at the Guildford Library and, safe to say, it was a success.

Our expert speaker, Toby Beresford, is the CEO and founder of and has a wealth of experience not only in social media and tech but is also a well-seasoned speaker and presenter.

So, what was it all about? Our topic for this session was ‘Gamification’. Gamification has long been a buzz-word in the industry but has really gained momentum in recent years particularly fuelled by success stories such as Nike +, the ‘shining example’ of the talk, although, of course, we can name many more (and we did!)

For many the term has been met with glazed looks of confusion and intrigue, many not knowing what it means but keen to find out more. But, not to fear, Toby summed it up perfectly.

Gamification is the processes of “applying game elements outside of games or to ‘non-games’”. It’s often used to inspire loyalty, engagement and happiness whether that’s to employees or consumers.

But gamification isn’t as simple as it seems, it requires the correct implementation and must be user focussed.

Gamification is a two way street... If there’s nothing in it for them they’ll walk away.
— Toby Beresford

Speaking about how to apply a successful gamification strategy Toby enforced that if marketeers and managers really want it to work it cannot be purely for them. We need to “do-away with dangling the carrot”.

Gamification needs to motivate the audience, whether employee or customer, with more than just the promise of a reward, it must be something intrinsic and drives them to learn and improve, resulting in a long-term outcome.

By the end of the talk faces were less confused and more infused (with excited eagerness to implement their own gamification) and a great discussion took place ironing out the details and debating the pros, cons and possible other adoptions for this up-and-coming activity.

A huge thank you to Guildford Library for allowing us to be part of Geek Week and for allowing us to use their lovely space. And a massive thank you to all who attended and participated.

If you missed the event you can catch up on the discussions by following #DigitalSurrey. We hope you can come along to the next Digital Surrey event, join the member list to stay up to date by emailing Emily Bateman.