Most of us have been guilty of becoming a slave to our emails at some point of our working lives. With the advance in technology, it has become very easy to respond to emails at any time of day, on multiple devices whether you are in the office or working remotely.

I have cleared my inbox and feel super productive!
I respond to every email as it pops up because I am on top of my workload.
I will copy my team in to ensure everyone knows how hard I am working.

Any of the above sound familiar? Then you are one of many who has been caught up in the addictive email routine which gives a false impression of being productive. Research has shown that this way of working can in fact increase stress levels and reduce productivity. We all strive for a good work life balance and in order to do so we have to let go of the comfortable habit we have when it comes to email.

Eliminating email completely may be hard to do at first and in some industries impossible. However, taking a step-by-step approach to reducing your emails will guide you on a path to success and increased productivity.

At theblueballroom we are trialing a few new techniques to reduce our internal emails. They are easy to remember and quick to do. Check out our 5 top tips below and give it a go today.

Email 101

  1. Is email the right channel to use? Consider the message and the action you require and see if another channel would be more effective. E.g. Phone call, face to face meeting, WhatsApp message, or a Yammer post.
  2. Limit who you copy into the email. Have they asked to be kept in the loop? Do they all need to action something? Make your email short and direct ensuring everyone knows what they need to action.
  3. Large attachments are a big no! Large attachments slow down your system and create confusion with version control. Send a link to where the file is saved on the server or cloud.
  4. Don’t send unnecessary replies like “Ok” or “thanks” consider whether the email is needed and say thank you in a more creative way.
  5. Don’t send 3 when you can send 1. Craft your email message carefully, ensure all the information is sent to save time.

Have an email tip to add? Comment below to share your thoughts.