theblueballroom is reaffirming its commitment to current and future business partners across Europe in the wake of last week's referendum result in the UK.

As a global agency, we are immensely proud and privileged to work with so many great international companies in Europe and elsewhere around the world. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationships in Europe and across the world, despite the UK voting to leave the EU.

Of course, Brexit has commercial implications for all UK companies trading across the European Union. However, theblueballroom’s response will be to hold firm to our absolute belief in collaboration at all levels – within our own team and with clients, across cultures and borders.

We work hard to break down barriers to communication across global workforces. Above all, we are passionate about people and communicating with them in a common language. So we will continue to deliver creativity, quality, value and service to our clients whatever the geographic and political landscape.

At a personal level, I deeply regret the UK’s decision to exit the EU. It’s scant consolation but the area where I live and where theblueballroom has its main office (Waverley) voted by a majority of nearly 17 per cent for the UK to stay in the EU.