A large group of celebrities are banding together in an attempt to end World Hunger. Stars such as One Direction, Ben Affleck and Shakira are using their platforms to communicate with their large number of admirers.

One Direction in particular are using their #action1D hashtag to get their fanbase of millions to describe the kind of world they want to live in by sharing powerful and emotive pieces of creative content, including film and photos on their social media channels.

The campaign has united celebrities under the idea that 2015 can be the year when the world sets out an agenda to end extreme poverty.

The power of a few voices united together should never be underestimated. The reach that these people have to communicate with millions of people every day is absolutely incredible. What’s more incredible is that this ability can be put to such great use – including ending world poverty. Social media plays a key role in this due to it's spontaneity and accessibility. 

Despite how passionate these individuals are however, the end goal will never be achieved unless effective communication is involved. Social media for effective communications is one of the areas we specialise in at theblueballroom. The ability to interact between your brand and your audience using the power of social media can take your message far and wide.