‘Culture clash’ is a phrase that often fizzes into animated exchanges about immigration. Globally, three-quarters of all major conflicts have a cultural dimension; locally, just looking different can be enough to cause conflict.

So it’s important to at least understand culture, and ideally to celebrate its vitality. The United Nations does this with its annual World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development, which this year falls on 21 May.

Speaking about the day, the UN says: “…acceptance and recognition of cultural diversity … are conducive to dialogue among civilizations and cultures, respect and mutual understanding.”

Life is a tapestry made up of many coloured strands – each culture a colour that is fresh and vivid. We need to take joy in these differences, not try to reduce everything to a uniform grey.

Working with many different global clients, theblueballroom knows all about cultural diversity. We love working in this space and aim to share the vitality of cultural differences with clients’ workforces around the world.

So why not mark World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development on 21 May by making an extra effort to learn about another culture? Enjoy!