What’s in a campaign slogan? Ask Hillary!

Post-election pundits are gleefully making the point that Clinton’s ‘Stronger together’ slogan fell miles short of Donald Trump’s ‘Make America great again’.

One inspiring soundbite is worth a thousand waffle words in which your message sinks without trace. This is true of any communication campaign, whether in the US to become president or in your company’s workplace to engage employees.

At theblueballroom we spend a lot of time clutching our foreheads in a frenzy of creativity to create the perfect campaign slogan for our clients.

It would be nice to report similar headclutching by Trump; in fact, he cleverly copied a slogan first used in the 1980 presidential campaign.

No-one can accuse Clinton’s campaign team of such inspired plagiarism – according to a hacked email posted on WikiLeaks, they came up with a mindboggling 84 slogans (listed in full below).

Setting aside the woefulness of each and every one of these slogans, the sheer volume of options says everything about Clinton’s muddled messaging.

So, with the benefit of hindsight (a wonderful thing, by all accounts), can you do better? Which is the best of ‘Clinton’s Crazy 84’ and what slogan should she have used? Let me know by posting a comment below.



    Stronger together.

    Progress for the rest of us.

    A stronger America one family at a time.

    Lifting us up. Moving us forward.

    Making America work. Together.

    Progress for people.

    A new bargain we can count on.

    Real Fairness; Real Solutions.

    New Solutions Real Results

    A stronger America for a new day

    America's strength. America's promise.

    A fair chance for families

    A fair fight for families

    A force for families"

    A new bargain for a stronger America.

    It's about time...and it's about you.

    The ideas we need and the strength to deliver.

    American strength from American families.

    Next begins with you.

    A better bargain for a better tomorrow.

    Fairness worth the fight.

    Fairness First.

    Putting Fairness First.

    A fair chance to get ahead.

    Your family is her fight.

    A fighting chance for families.

    A new promise for a new time.

    An America built for you.

    Putting America to work for you.

    Strength and fairness.

    A stronger America working for you.

    It's your turn.

    Stronger at home.

    For an America that leads.

    Your future. Your terms.

    Building tomorrow's America.

    Secure the Future.

    For your family. For America's future.

    It's about you. It's about time.

    Because your time is now.

    It's your time.

    It's about you.

    Building a better tomorrow.

    Strength you can count on.

    A fair shot and a fair deal.

    Building a fairer future today.

    You've earned a fair shot.

    You've earned a fair chance.

    Renewing America's promise.

    Renewing our basic bargain.

    Time for a better bargain.

    Making America work for you.

    Our Families, Our Future.

    Hillary - For Fairness. For Families.

    Get ahead. Stay ahead.

    Families first.

    Fairness for all our families.

    Building a fairer future.

    Your family. Her fight.

    Your future is her fight.

    America gets strong when you get ahead.

    A better bargain. For all.

    A promise you can count on

    Together we're strong.

    Strength for all our families.

    Getting ahead together.

    Moving Ahead. Together.

    A future worth fighting for.

    Go further.

    No Quit.

    Own the future.

    Don't turn back.

    Move ahead.

    Keep moving.

    Unleash opportunity.

    Move up.

    Climb higher.

    Rise Up.

    Fighting for Fairness. Fighting for you.

    She's got your back.

    Your future. Her fight.

    An America that works for you.

    A stronger tomorrow.

    Progress for all.


Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net