Children can give us valuable insights into how to communicate better – ask any successful parent.

It takes patience, empathy and understanding to communicate well with children, all qualities that are equally important when communicating with adults.

I was struck today by ten top tips for better communication with children because every one of them could and should be deployed with adults:

1)    Make a connection

2)    Keep it simple

3)    Be honest 

4)    Use positive language 

5)    Give options 

6)    Model manners 

7)    Get them talking 

8)    Create space to talk

9)    Teach reflective listening (where the ‘listener’ repeats back to the ‘talker’ what they ‘heard’)

10)  Give the two-minute warning (adults are more likely to accept change when given enough time – albeit more than two minutes! – to come to terms with it)

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