Earlier this week we were whisked away from our desks for creativity training.

“You can’t train to be creative.” I hear you say.

“Aren’t you supposed to all be creative already?” Comes a voice from the back…

Yes, to both those comments. We pride ourselves on our creative talent, after all it is our job. However, like any talent it takes practise and knowledge to sustain it and make it perfect.

I’m sure that even the likes of Picasso, King and Mozart have all hit that infamous creativity block in their time, and we’re fairly sure we are just as susceptible.

So, what better way to prevent it than to prepare and arm ourselves for such an eventuality? And goodness me, are we now armed!

Image from Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

Image from Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

I think I speak for everyone when I say Claire Bridges from NowGoCreate, who led the workshop, did a fantastic job. Bringing in her own knowledge and experience she quickly and easily identified ways to help us should we find ourselves in a ‘creative rut’. She started by inspiring our creativity – reminding us of the fantastic things people can produce when they put their minds to it.

The clear favourites of the day (‘Campofrio - Ashes’, ‘Volvo – Interception’ and ‘Always - #LikeaGirl’) empowered us all to remember that some rules were made to be broken and that we hold the power to rewrite them. With our creative juices flowing and our minds ready and willing to churn out some game changing ideas, Claire switched our attention to more practical applications.

What can be difficult, when constantly attempting to come up with new and innovative ideas whilst using the same methods is that you find yourself slowly burning them out. So the many, many, MANY, methods Claire presented us with were just what we needed to reawaken our minds.

But what was really great was that each method was stress-free and personality friendly. There was no pressure to contribute there and then for many of the methods, giving everyone time to incubate the task and produce thoughtful ideas. And all the methods involved having fun, not being stressed by sitting and furiously rummaging through the creative store in our minds. So, a relaxed environment and fun new ways to produce ideas will inevitably lead to better creativity and, with so many options, hopefully they’ll never grow old!

It’s safe to say the day was a success and we’re well on our way to implementing a few new methods to create even better, bolder and more innovative solutions.