Yesterday’s World Day of Social Communication sounds like a newly inaugurated Twitter-fest but was, in fact, the 49th year this day has been marked. 

So what can communicators take from the latest of these annual Catholic eventsThis year the day was themed around the family, and the Pope made three interesting connections:

  • Parent-child interaction is a child’s first experience of communication
  • The family home is a child’s first ‘school of communication’
  • The spoken word and body language are inextricable

Good parents listen and empathise with their children, and answer their questions thoughtfully and appropriately – all qualities that make for good communication with adults. Simplicity and accessibility of language is another essential of good parenting.

As more and more of our communication is in person or on video, we also need to keep it real. How many videos have you seen where the CEO's body language is stiff and formal, with the words clearly having been scripted? Editing from a lively question-and-answer session with a proactive interviewer is always going to be more engaging than any script, however well written.

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