How do you feel about losing your job to a computer? Or a robot operating on your brain?

Artificial intelligence

The industrial revolution brought about significant change to economies and societies. The difference with the current information revolution is the more rapid pace of technological developments and also the ongoing increase in the world's population. 

The advance of artificial intelligence looks set to continue, and is very ably discussed by Joni Salminen here

Some of our big global clients are talking about this and examining its implications for their brand and workforce. They note that with an increasing demand for high-end skills in an information economy, competition for jobs looks set to increase.

Opening lines of communication right across a workforce, keeping people informed and giving them a voice, will become more important than ever. With change afoot, a good strategy for employees is to become continuous learners. This is where both a system of communication - be that informal huddles or Yammer - along with a culture of honesty and openness, should help prepare individuals and organisations for a changing future.

One of our values at theblueballroom is to be 'always learning'. Have a chat with us if this issue resonates with you.