It was so great to see lots of people join us at the Mulberry Bush along Southbank last night to celebrate Kate Shank’s new appointment to Managing Director and Sheila Parry stepping into her new role of Chair.

The evening provided a great opportunity to catch up with friends and business contacts old and new, whilst enjoying a tasty buffet and private bar. We support organisations to respond to market forces, stay flexible and embrace change.  And this is exactly what we’re doing ourselves in ensuring we have next-generation leadership as we move into the next chapter of our story. 

Our business is based on the relationships we have with our clients and the people who came along last night are a testament to that. Not only did we have clients who have worked with us for a long time, but also past employees who hold theblueballroom in a special place in their heart.

There are a few changes that Kate and Sheila have both implemented over the last year to bring new products and services to our clients. We’ll be talking a lot in the coming months about Connected Culture and the PRIDE model. A Connected Culture harnesses digital channels within the workplace to foster engagement and drive productivity. PRIDE is a model of engagement that Sheila has developed, based on her immense practical experiences in engaging diverse workforce's across the world.

Sheila will be consulting on both these products in the months and years ahead and is something which theblueballroom is proud to be sharing. Sheila will also be heavily involved in thefuturestory event in October which will be about how rapidly changing work-life balance, brand loyalty, longer lives and digital innovation will influence the future of work.

It is exciting to begin the next chapter of our own story and we definitely celebrated in style last night! Here are a few pictures from the party: