Up today on my minute with series is the lovely Russell, our Junior Graphic Designer. It seems strange to think that he joined us nearly a year ago now, boy has that time flown! Russell has quickly become our video animator expert and is always giving us healthy eating advice as our token vegan in the office! 

What is your favourite thing about being a Junior Graphic Designer (JGD), especially agency side?

My favourite thing is simply being able to do what I love to do. I have been given the opportunity to work on so many different projects, all of which have been very interesting in many different ways. No two jobs are ever the same, you get to work with some great briefs, great clients and of course, a great team. 

What has been the best project you’ve worked on in your JGD life so far?      

I massively enjoy animation projects, so I would have to choose the project we did for a global sports brand about a change in the way they needed to track and record their time at work. I was given a large scale of great colours to use, as well as the freedom to create the animation however I felt it worked best. I was able to draw all the elements myself and then bring them to life. I think that that project used some of the best of my skills. It also forced me to try new stuff, learn a little more about animation and even more about myself! 

What would be a ‘what not to do’ as a JGD?

Never, ever stop learning! There is always something new to learn, whether it is a completely new technique or just a different way of achieving something. There is so much information and great design work flying around from everyone in the team, you should never switch off and stop taking notes. It's the little things that I've picked up from David and Gill that have transformed my work over the last year. 

Give me your top three tips on being the creative JGD that you are:

1) Keep an open mind.
2) Don't be afraid of trying something new, if it doesn't work then at least you know!
3) Your managers are there to help and advise you, make sure you take full advantage of that. And squeeze every bit of knowledge you can gain out of every project.