The rain is lashing down as I write this, working from home, huddled in a fleece and hunkered down next to the fire. Last week’s team away day seems far removed, when we basked in glorious sunshine at Waverley Abbey near our Farnham offices.

theblueballroom team

theblueballroom team

Nick Howes from the LMI Group kicked the day off with a great session on flexing our communication styles. We learnt about how we respond to different communication styles and discovered what type of person we are – Expressive, Amiable, Analytical, Driver or a combination of those qualities. I was relieved to find that I’m an ‘expressive, amiable, driver’. Less of a driver and theblueballroom might have been in trouble! What we all learnt is our strengths and weaknesses in relation to communication and how we could work better together. It was great and I highly recommend Nick.

After a lovely lunch, photoshoot and walk around the Abbey ruins, we returned to look at theblueballroom’s vision for the future.

To become a globally respected business, offering internal communications across multiple sectors; delivering innovative products with brilliant customer service, loving what we do.

We discussed what this meant for the team, for our clients and for our future – certainly an exciting one, with growth in all sorts of markets both at home and abroad.

We looked at our plan for new branding (new website coming soon…) and ideas about how we could be supporting our clients and prospects more. And we talked about our products and how we can stand out in the internal communications marketplace.

Our away day was more strategic than frivolous but more fun than serious. It did the team the world of good to get away from the office, thinking differently and looking to the future. What we achieved last week we couldn’t hope to have achieved in the office. Seeing the team working together towards shared goals was a great experience and we all now have a shared vision for the future. What better outcome from an away day?

I’d recommend a day away from the office with your team. It helps to reflect, to reconnect and to get a renewed sense of shared purpose; all things needed to make work better. I’m excited by the blueballroom’s future and sharing it with the team, seeing it in black and white made me really proud. I can’t wait to see the next year or so unfold. It’s an exciting place to be.