There's nothing like a global sporting event to bring the country - and the world - together. Even as someone who's not usually remotely interested in football (in fact, actively disinterested - "what do you mean Corrie's cancelled because of the football?!") I found myself on the edge of my seat as we watched England's World Cup hopes begin to fade last night. I spotted this article on Econsultancy this morning and really enjoyed looking through some of the brilliant examples of World Cup data visualisation they've collected. Last week I was amazed to read that "eight out of 10 of the moments most tweeted about [in 2013] were sport-related" (The Drum). Sport is such a huge part of so many people's lives across the globe - it's no surprise that there's plenty of data on the World Cup out there waiting to be 'visualised'. I love the 'Tweet Share' one which illustrates which countries got the most mentions in each game - much more interesting to me than share of possession (get me, knowing the football lingo).

What other sources of data might make for interesting visualisation? I would love to hear your thoughts.