Infographics are a fantastic communication tool and when well designed, can paint a thousand words in visual harmony. It’s been a hot topic in the office this week as we prepare for an infographic workshop for one of our German clients. We’ve been debating about what makes one good, why they work for organisations and the communication potential of such a great tool. With a fast paced world of data and continually moving information, there is so much noise and information to download that finding some simplicity for a complex message can be the tonic for a piece of communication. Not only does a great design and the use of good content make the information conveyed easily digestible, but infographics are a social media dream and can be shared to inform others of good material, boost SEO and drive traffic to your site. Translating material is easier as the text content is usually succinct and ensuring the messages are well visualised will allow people throughout an organisation to understand its meaning.

When we design infographics for our clients these are some of our considerations;

  • We have a clear understanding of the objective for the material
  • We gather data and information to weave a story through the information creating a start, middle and ending.
  • We use a simple colour palette of complimentary colours so the outcome isn’t a wild and whacky picture
  • We use pie and bar charts as well as figures to illustrate factual data
  • We design simple icons to match the style and design that communicate a clear message
  • We usually create infographics as vertical designs which works perfectly when sharing via a tablet, phone or viewed on a website


I’m sure we’ll carry on talking about infographics because we are using them more and more frequently and one certainty is that Infographics are now very much part of our culture. They’ll provide any organisation with a relevant, informative and interesting piece of communication which, when well crafted, is simple to understand and conveys interesting information to a wide audience.

Here is a short video which discusses what makes a good infographic: