What should your CEO be doing to give employees confidence when times are tough? Times don’t get much tougher than the plight of Manchester United this season. So how is the team’s new manager David Moyes responding?

A fascinating insight into handling the pressures of management is provided by performance psychologist Michael Finnigan, who worked with Moyes at both his former clubs.

An article on the BBC website quotes Finnigan as saying: “"At times like this, you need the leaders to be strong, to stand up and be counted… You can't be running these big organisations and changing direction every five minutes. People don't respond well to it. People respond well to certainty.”

"Leadership has to seep into everything you do - the way you drive into the car park, the way you walk through the restaurant when we are all eating our lunch. It is an understanding that leadership is every action, every word, every behaviour that we see.”

Is your CEO exuding confidence or head in hands? Personal coaching could make all the difference – not just to his leadership skills but also to your company’s bottom line.


Photo courtesy of Ohmega1982/freedigitalphotos.net