As previously mentioned by Cara in her blog post “Learning about content marketing” I recently joined a webinar called “What’s next for content?” The three influential speakers were Susan Rafizadeh Director of Global Marketing at SAP; Bayard Saunder Director of Internet Sales and Marketing at The General Insurance and Ann Marie Gothard Director of Communications at EmblemHealth. It was an interesting discussion on the popular topic of content marketing that we at theblueballroom have mastered over the years. Here are a few highlights:

Do you think that the content marketing space could ever become too crowded to become effective?

52% of the webinar listeners believed that the content marketing space does have the potential to become overcrowded. The speakers agreed that there is a chance for the content marketing space to be crowded with irrelevant and repetitive content – some of poor quality. However if a brand has a strategy in place to involve the customers in the content creation stages and provide content that adds value, these pieces will stand out from the rest and continue be effective.

Great content needs to stand out:

  • Creating a differential aspect
  • Consistency will build a loyal audience
  • Amount – creating balance. Useful content across all formats


Types of content that work well:

  • Format: Visual content is effective across all platforms. Infographics and short blogs
  • Radio shows: adding humour, expert discussions and a speaker panel
  • Relevant articles: good PR coverage and shareable across social media


Consuming content:

The first things looked at when consuming content are:

  • The source
  • Is the content on trend?
  • Opportunities to express an opinion and become part of the conversation – social media integration.
  • Presentation: visual element or an infographic will work best to engage


Choosing channels

Choosing channels for the content is very dependent on the target audience. A thorough analysis and understanding of the target audience must be obtained before creating or delivering content then you can and select those channels where the brand can influence the most. For product marketing, understanding the consumer experience lifecycle “how people shop for a product” can enhance your target audience knowledge. Test new platforms – do not be afraid to be experimental.


"Clicks are worthless if the content is not remembered"

Storytelling is key to creating a memorable piece of content. Target the right topics, give examples, add humour, personality or evoke emotion.

Return on Investment

  • It is difficult to monitor the ROI on content marketing efforts – however content does have more staying power – it is permanent and findable whether in print or digital.
  • You can’t put a value on gaining the trust of a customer. Articles, features and whitepapers all help to build trust and helps in the decision making process of the product or service selection. There are many intangible benefits in the fast growing and evolving space of content marketing.


Top tips from the speakers

"Know your customers, read a lot, listen, be brave and repeat if it worked well” Susan Rafizadeh.

“Lead generation – find influential people to share your content. Ensure proper tagging and keyword management. Monitor where search terms are having most effect” Bayard Saunders.

If you have anything to add please comment below we would love to hear from you.

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