Earlier this week I attended Social Media Week London to find out more about the latest news, trends and case studies in social media. My day started listening to a keynote from Twitter UK’s Creative Director, Luke Townsin, who explored the idea of ‘planning for the moment’. His main focus was on the importance of brands stepping out of their comfort zones and paying attention to what’s going on in the wider world. Case studies where companies have piggy-backed on the buzz created by popular TV shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent, to great effect were used to illustrate this point. However, whilst taking part in conversations on trending topics may work well for consumer focused brands with a wide audience demographic, it may not always be appropriate for the B2B communications for niche organisations.

That’s not to say that companies with highly targeted audiences can’t benefit from ‘planning for the moment’. When developing content plans for social media platforms it’s always important to take a broad look at what’s going on in the wider industry you’re involved with. Research external factors that may impact your customers businesses to provide informative comments, advice or links to the relevant news. Are you targeting people in a specific location? If so, are there any environmental elements at play, or community events that have the potential to yield useful information for your audience?

Providing timely industry specific comments, as well as news and information about your own products and services, provides additional opportunities to start conversations about what matters most to your customers, or prospects.

As Luke stated, ‘Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what matters most’, and by tapping in to topics that are of particular interest to individuals in your audience, you’ll be able to forge stronger relationships with the people that matter to you and your business.