A new tradition has been born at theblueballroom this afternoon. Following a conversation between Dan and Dawn on the merits of a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer, Tunnock's Tuesday has arisen. 4pm is apparently Tunnocks Time, and I for one can't wait. This reminded me of a couple of times the Tunnock's name has been in the news this year: the recent dancing Teacakes in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, and the court battle earlier this year on the classification of the Snowball - cake or biscuit? (Cake in case you were wondering).

What a fab example of a company proud of their family heritage. Their packaging is recognisable to the point of iconic, and resonates around the UK as a timeless old favourite - they're clearly aware that changing too dramatically wouldn't go down well with their loyal customers. A quick snoop on the Tunnock's website reveals some great brand storytelling, including their company timeline which makes for an interesting read.  I can't help thinking they could make more of their rich history though, as well as their current innovations - why aren't you on Twitter, Tunnock's?! Such a friendly and well-loved brand is perfect for social media so it's important that brands don't miss out on these golden opportunities.

Now, the crucial question - Wafer or Teacake for Tunnock's Time?

Tunnock's Tuesday


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