Someone asked me the other day what makes a good staff magazine. To be an effective communication tool, it has to be credible. That means being open and honest and admitting when things go wrong or when times are tough. It’s a good idea to profile people at all levels in the company, not just the senior leadership team, to get people’s buy-in. People love to see their name in print and be rewarded for a job well done. Get people to share best practice wherever possible. The person doing the job is usually the one best qualified to talk about it. Include plenty of vox pops.

If writing a message from the Chief Executive, try to write it as they speak to make it credible.

When people read a newspaper or magazine, their eye goes to the headline first and then the photograph and caption. They should entice people to read on.

A company magazine should:

  • reflect the company brand and bring its vision and values to life
  • make people proud to work for the company and strong advocates for the business.
  • show people the part they play in delivering the company’s aims and objectives
  • say thank you for a job well done.