One of our specialities here is working with our clients to get their messages in front of their target audience - whether that audience is their employees, their customers or their potential customers. This is not always easy - whoever your audience is you can guarantee they're being battered by other types of content from multiple other sources at the same time, so often you're working in a very saturated space. Here are my top tips to get your news or message to stand out from the crowd: 1) Craft a good story. Everything (even the smallest of announcements) has some kind of narrative. It doesn't have to be long or complex, but it has to be there - and it has to be pulled carefully to the surface and presented to your audience. Otherwise they're not going to be any more interested in the words on the page in front of them than they would your shopping list.

2) Know your audience. Once you've got your story sorted, it might need tailoring to your audience(s). Make sure the language is on the right level in terms of tone and style, and the content is informative but not patronising. Cut the waffle and make every word count.

3) Cover all relevant channels. Because of the way our society operates in 2014, I can pretty much guarantee one channel won't be enough. Think about print newspapers, trade magazines, consumer blogs, social media, intranets, the pinboard by the vending machine - each one of these channels all have a value, and you need to work out which are the most suitable for your organisation and the content in question. It might be three, it might be nine - but it's probably more than one.